A couple of iconic London restaurants to truly appreciate the city

Check out these beautiful eating spots to truly acknowledge how much of a multicultural center London is - plus, they are the perfect settings for your next instagram post.

One of the wonderful aspects of living in a multicultural metropolis is that there are always new things to try out, and your choices are often reflected in the coolest new restaurants in London. Even in the central shopping districts you are ensured to find some refined foreign food at a cost effective price, like Stevie Parle's newest opening. If you are after the very best casual restaurants in London, and you love southern European typical cuisine with an innovative twist, you will love this cool spot. With minimalist yet stylish interior design, and a price list that will absolutely fit in your budget plan, this is an exceptional way to treat yourself this weekend in London.

If you follow some London food bloggers on social media, you will certainly be familiar with this afternoon tea spot that becomes cocktail bar in the evening. Owned by Mourad Mazouz, you will need to head to probably the most fancy ends of the city to enjoy this gem, with its iconic design and colour schemes alone being worth the trip, and probably the most unique bathrooms you will ever find. Whether you want a fancy brunch with pals or a cool night out, this destination will make you feel like you are truly taking advantage of your weekend by checking out the extraordinary most unique restaurants in London.

Among the classic London restaurants, there are some that will never get old. No matter how many brand-new trends pop up in the city, there are some institutions that are guaranteed to keep their popularity, and serve as an icon of the variety of cultures and origins that contribute to how remarkable this city is. Experience what is possibly the most renowned Indian restaurant, concentrated on authenticity and a true representation of the country's rich culture and customs in a refined form; the regular queues outside its doors show how London will never get tired of the flavours that this multicultural city combines.

Whether you are trying to find an adorable, peaceful setting to have your afternoon tea, or a fashionable dinner or late brunch in a refined place, London's fanciest postcode definitely checks all the boxes. With its sensational architecture and a classy atmosphere, this is an exceptional location to unwind far from the more fast paced parts of a buzzing city and delight in some scrumptious meals. Being home to several of the best restaurants in London for special occasions, owned by restaurateurs like Sally Greene, or plenty of trendy coffee shops for a casual outing, its romantic mood is the best option to treat yourself and the important people in your life.

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